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Madden 24 :Man coverage is a popular defensive strategy

Do you ever find yourself wondering how Pro Madden players seem to effortlessly dominate their opponents? What if I told you Madden 24 coins that there are a few secrets they know that you don't? In this article, we will uncover five important tips that Pro Madden players use to gain the upper hand in Madden 24.

Play Action Blocking vs. The Blitz

Blitzing is a common strategy employed by players to disrupt their opponent's offense. However, Pro Madden players have a sneaky trick up their sleeves to counter these blitzes: play action blocking. By selecting a play with a well-designed play action, such as the PA Boot Over from the Gun Bunch Tight End formation, you can fake out the defense and throw off their blitz pursuit. Moreover, by canceling the play action right after the snap, you can manipulate the defense to rush inside instead of attacking from the edge, making it difficult for them to bring pressure. Mastering this technique will give you a significant advantage against aggressive blitzing opponents.

Zig Route vs. Man Coverage

Man coverage is a popular defensive strategy in Madden, and Pro players have a reliable route to exploit it—the zig route. By incorporating a zig route into your play, you can consistently beat man coverage. To execute this, select a receiver, press the corresponding button (e.g., Y or triangle), and choose the zig route option using the analog stick. This route forces the receiver to fake to the inside, make a hard plant, and then cut back to the outside, creating separation from defenders. The zig route is not only effective against man coverage but also proves useful against man blitzes due to its quick development, beating the blitzers before they can reach your quarterback.

The Juke Move: A Ball Carrier's Best Friend

The juke move is the most overpowered ball carrier move in Madden 24. Pro players swear by it because it consistently fools defenders, including user-controlled ones. While there are other ball carrier moves like spins, hurdles, and stiff arms, the juke move reigns supreme. Its high success rate in faking out defenders makes it the go-to move for gaining extra yards. Combine the juke move with the Jukebox ability possessed by many running backs, and you become a formidable force on the field. Mastering the juke move will leave your opponents guessing and provide you with significant yardage gains.

RPO Stretches: The Power of Read-Option

Run-Pass Option (RPO) stretches are exceptionally potent in Madden 24. These plays exploit the defense's poor reaction to RPOs, as the Adaptive AI implemented for regular run plays does not apply to RPOs. Most playbooks feature an RPO stretch play, such as RPO Alert Bubble or RPO Lookie. Running RPO stretches confuses the defense, forcing them to overcommit inside and leaving the outer buy mut 24 coins edges vulnerable. Even the best players struggle to defend against RPO stretches due to the defense's subpar response. Incorporating RPO stretches into your game plan will result in more successful runs and consistent conversion of first downs.

Diving into the End Zone

When you find yourself near the goal line and need to score, Pro players rely on a powerful yet underutilized technique—diving into the end zone. By executing a diving animation using the X or square button, your ball carrier can jump over the offensive line and into the end zone. Surprisingly, fumbles rarely occur during this move, making it a low-risk, high-reward strategy. Running backs often absorb hits midair and still manage to flip or fall into the end zone. Mastering the art of diving into the end zone


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