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What is Asian Handicap? Expert Tips for Guaranteed Winning from Veterans

Sports betting is attracting many players due to its diverse range of betting options and attractive odds. For newcomers exploring this field, it's essential to understand what Asian Handicap (AH) is, how to choose suitable odds, and learn from experienced veterans at h2h soccer tips to enhance your winning chances in betting.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap, also known as Running Ball, is prevalent throughout the entire match duration. This betting type is commonly used in football betting and seasoned bettors are familiar with it, but newcomers need further understanding. This type of bet is placed while the match is in progress and is applicable only within a specific time frame.

Players need to seize the opportunity and place their bets if they foresee a high chance of winning; otherwise, they might miss out on the odds. Hence, it's crucial for players to select suitable betting odds within the time frame specified by the bookmakers.

This type of bet is favored by many due to its low betting amount yet high potential payout. If lucky, players can win a substantial amount and recover their investment quickly.

In Vietnam, Asian Handicap is often associated with Over/Under betting. Simply put, even during an ongoing match, players cannot apply it to any other betting type.

When Does Asian Handicap Start Counting?

Many players are interested in this type of betting. Asian Handicap is calculated from the moment the match starts until the referee blows the final whistle. Unlike Over/Under betting, players still have a chance even with corner kicks or potential goals.

From experience, Asian Handicap is still calculated during injury time at the end of the match. This provides players with more opportunities to make accurate choices and decide whether to continue betting for effectiveness.

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How to Read Asian Handicap Odds

Similar to other betting types, Asian Handicap is easy to read and play, making it accessible even for newcomers. Presently, each betting website offers different odds, and these odds may vary depending on the time players place their bets. Hence, players should carefully select their betting platforms, as it greatly influences their chances of winning rewards.

Players should also note that Asian Handicap bets are susceptible to rejection due to the various fluctuations in the match. If a thorough analysis has been conducted, players should swiftly place their bets to claim enticing rewards.

Many bookmakers reject bets in certain situations, with some accepting bets within 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or longer. The terms for voiding bets also differ, sometimes ensuring that players do not lose money unfairly.

To achieve the most accurate prediction process, players need to immerse themselves in every movement of the match. Even after placing their bets, they should continue observing until the match ends to determine the outcome accurately.

Hence, now that you understand Asian Handicap, it's crucial to learn how to read the odds accurately for better winning chances. You can refer to the following guide to enhance your winning opportunities:

Example: In a match between Team A and Team B during the finals, with the score at 2-1 in favor of Team A at the 30th minute, the Over/Under bet is set at 1.5.

  • If you bet Over 1.5, both teams must score at least two goals for you to win the bet.

  • If you bet Under 1.5, there should be no goals or only one goal scored in the match for you to win.

Therefore, you do not need to know how many goals each team has scored; successful betting outcomes are determined at the time of placing the bet. The same principle applies to corner kick or card handicap bets as well.

Expert Tips for Playing Asian Handicap in Football

To win bets, players need to understand and accumulate knowledge shared by experts. This is a crucial factor that every newcomer should explore when engaging in Asian Handicap betting.

  • Continuously learn and expand your football and betting knowledge to accumulate experience before seeking profits.

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the match before placing your bets to better understand the betting dynamics during the match.

General Match Analysis:

If you intend to bet on Over/Under during an ongoing match, pay attention to the difference in calculation between when the ball is in play and when it's not. Here's a specific illustration to help you understand better:

Example: In the match between Song Lam Nghe An and Viettel, with the score at 1-0 in the 30th minute, the Over/Under is set at 1.5. If you bet Over 1.5, you need two more goals to win. Conversely, if you bet Under 1.5, there should be no goals or only one goal scored in the match for you to win.

Therefore, players must make accurate betting choices and consider the timing of the match. This is a crucial factor that affects the outcome and determines whether players receive rewards.

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Choosing Suitable Asian Handicap Bets:

Once players have a clear understanding of the necessary match information for their desired bet, they need to select reliable bets to increase their winning chances. Many Asian Handicap types offer early goal-scoring opportunities.

For instance, if the handicap is set at ½, there should be at least one goal scored in the first half, and the same principle applies to the second half. Players need to continuously observe until the handicap occurs in the first half.

For handicaps of 1.25 and 1.5, there may also be early goal-scoring opportunities. However, many betting websites may set traps to confuse players during periods without goals or early goals. Hence, choosing the right bets and timing is crucial.

Handicaps of ¾ rarely end in a 0-0 draw, so if players select matches with this handicap and the score remains 0-0, they should consider betting on the entire match. This selection method helps players increase their chances of winning bets.

In conclusion, Asian Handicap betting offers a unique and exciting experience for sports enthusiasts. By following expert tips and understanding the nuances of the game, players can enhance their winning potential and enjoy the thrill of betting on football matches.


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